It shall be the purpose of the organization to preserve, promote and foster the Community’s awareness of Italian culture and to reward excellence in the study of Italian at Westerly High School.


Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee shall review regularly the needs of the Organization in regard to membership and shall propose a slate of nominees for officers at the Third (3rd) Quarterly Meeting. The Nominating Committee also shall nominate officers to fill vacancies occurring for whatever reason, as provided for in these By-Laws.

The designation of a member of the Nominating Committee shall be approved by resolution of the Members at the Second (2nd) Quarterly Meeting. The Members of the Nominating Committee shall not serve on this committee for more than three consecutive one-year terms. The President shall not serve as a member of the Nominating Committee.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall be responsible for the establishment of financial policy and shall initiate or receive and consider recommendations regarding such policy. All financial matters shall pass through and be considered by the committee which shall make recommendations of the Board of Directors, as it deems necessary. The committee shall supervise all functions of the Treasurer and shall be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget. It shall review the financial position of the Organization on a semi-annual basis, or more often if considered necessary.

Special Events Committee: The Special Events Committee shall be responsible for organizing and advertising events and activities which support the purpose of the Organization “to preserve and foster the Community’s awareness of the Italian Culture: including but not limited to the Dante Society Cooking Demonstration and the October Heritage Month events.

Educational Grants Committee: The Educational Grants Committee will evaluate and grant requests and award Educational Assistance Grants for in-class activities relating to Italian studies in area schools in keeping with their stated program requirements. Grants will be awarded in January of each calendar year.

Person of the Year Committee: The Person of the Year Committee will select one individual each year from the surrounding area to receive the Person of the Year Honor. This individual will have excelled in representing Italian culture and values in keeping with stated purpose of the Organization in Article II of the By-Laws

Awards Committee: The Awards Committee will solicit and evaluate applications for the awarding of the $1000 Dante Prize in Memory of Lillian Ruisi to a deserving Senior to reward excellence in the study of Italian at Westerly High School and The Dante Book Award to a deserving Junior for Excellence in Scholarship Achievement in Italian. The Book Award is comprised of an Italian book selected by the committee and a small cash award.